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Welcome to Solar Sales of North America!

Solar for the Win!

Going solar always costs less!

 The primary driving factor for the success of solar is the cost.  


 With Solar Sales of North America we make things easy! We have many different finance options that make it so that our customers with Good and Bad Credit are able to go Solar with $0 out of pocket!


 Thats right customers receive their solar systems with no money down!

 There are numerous factors that go into building your solar system such as: type of roof, degree to the sun, pitch of roof, shading and much more. Whether you buy a system outright or pay it back with electricity savings. You end up paying a low, fixed rate for your power - you’ll hit the point where your solar panels have paid for themselves. After that, it’s huge savings for you and with utility rates climbing regularly, each year you’ll save more and more.

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Why Go Solar Now? 


 Solar Tax Credit

  Solar incentives are offered at the utility, county, state and federal levels. These solar incentives can take various forms including solar tax credits, upfront solar rebates, premium feed in tariffs (known as net metering) or solar production incentives. The eligibility and rules for each incentive program can vary. We will help you understand your options. Current federal tax incentive is 26% of the cost of your new solar electric system.


Power grids are old, and vulnerable.

 When you go solar you're producing your own power! You become more independent. With battery back up you are able to secure your own electric system and a lot less likely to have to deal with a power outage! Almost impossible. 


 Global Warming and an unbalanced eco system is destroying earth as we know it. If you can, do your part and Go Solar! Don't worry we make the switch easy for you. 


How we get our power matters!


 Fossil fuels must be located, excavated and transported before they can be used. These processes are invasive and detrimental to the land through side effects, such as erosion, ecological and geologic instability. Then the deposit or well is depleted. Energy from the sun is infinite and free. It can be harnessed and turned into power anywhere a solar panel can be placed is not only better for the earth - but for your wallet as well!


How its Produced?

Fossil fuels must be burned to produce electricity. Burning them creates unwanted byproducts that can create air and water pollution! It also releases huge amounts of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. When in use, solar panels produce power without waste or emissions, and do so through a natural process called photovoltaics (PV).


What about the maintenance?

Solar panels require little to no maintenance to maintain peak performance. If they look dirty, you can just spray them off with a water hose. 

Invest in your home

Studies have shown that when you have a house with a PV Solar system installed it sells 25% faster! Other studies have shown us that when a home owner sells their home they tend to recover all money paid for their solar system! You can't lose! 


You will use more and more electricity.

Over the generations and through the years, we have continued to use more and more electricity per household. Even though construction has made it possible for more energy efficient homes we are always adding new items to the house.  With a move to having all cars in America electric by 2040 - solar will be your key to saving the most money possible. 



Welcome to Solar Sales Of North America!

Welcome to Solar Sales Of North America!